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March 22, 2002

This week on NOW: An exclusive interview with Marwan Zaloum. Zaloum personally selects and trains suicide bombers who have been carrying out attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians. A lifelong militant, Zaloum is currently on Israelís list of most wanted terrorists, and is committed to ending the Israeli occupation. Zaloum states, "Certainly, the goal of this operation is to destroy the morale of the Israeli soldier, and to destroy what is in the mind of the Israeli soldier — that it is possible for the tank or the plane or the rifle or the intelligence services or the security forces to protect him."

In Depth

Marwan Zaloum

Read the transcript of the interview with Marwan Zaloum and a Q&A session with the producer who interviewed him..

Then, NOW takes a closer look at how the lives of Palestinian and Israeli children are transformed by the violence and hatred that surrounds them in a clip from the Academy award-nominated documentary PROMISES.

West Bank casuality

Fulbright scholar and professor Amal Amireh discusses the realities of life under Israeli military occupation in a Bill Moyers interview.

Mary Zimmerman's METAMORPHOSES

Read the Bill Moyers interview with writer/director Mary Zimmerman, who has transformed the ancient myths of Metamorphoses for the stage. Take the myth quiz!


Israeli tank

Explore international reactions to the conflict in the Middle East and speak out on the message boards.

Picture of the Week

Petroglyph in Navajoland
Dan Budnik illustrates the presence of the past in Arizona. Submit your own captions.


Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

Read the complete transcript.


Desperate Measures
Producer: Bryan Rich
Editor: Kathi Black

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