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This Week: Top Secret
This Week
March 24, 2006

This week on NOW:

How far can the Pentagon go to flush out terrorists in our midst? NOW takes a look at a little-known Pentagon program created by Paul Wolfowitz called TALON, short for "Threat and Local Observation Notice." TALON has been keeping tabs on a wide range of innocent Americans, from student protesters to even one 79-year-old grandmother. Critics allege that much of the information generated has been unreliable — particularly from their close collaboration with local law enforcement.   

"First, they were doing stupid things which should just piss people off in terms of a waste of time and energy," William Arkin, a former military intelligence analyst and past consultant to the United States Air Force told NOW, "But second, they were violating their own rules and the law." Is the Pentagon's eye on you?

Also, NEW YORK SUN columnist and former Chief Speechwriter for Rudolph Giuliani, John Avlon says politicians of both parties ignore centrism at their own peril, and that President Bush and Karl Rove are Exhibit A.  Avlon's most recent book, INDEPENDENT NATION, takes a hard look at centrism, which he calls "the defining political movement of our time."

In Depth

The Pentagon's Controversial TALON Program

Are You on a Government Watch List?

Perspectives: Confronting Terrorism

A History of Dissent

Supreme Court

Freedom of Information Past and Present

Domestic Spying Update

Freedom of Information Resources


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Eyes of the Eagle (17:11)

John Avlon (5:25)


Eyes of the Eagle
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