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This Week
March 26, 2004

This week on NOW:

Even though President Bush's controversial plan for taxpayer-funded vouchers to subsidize private and religious schools was killed in Congress, the Department of Education has filtered $77 million to private, conservative groups promoting the privatization of public education. As millions of children go without basic educational needs, some critics are asking: shouldn't that money have gone to saving America's crumbling public schools? NOW looks at how Department of Education's discretionary spending budget has been tapped and funneled into a handful of organizations that are promoting school vouchers and examines these groups' intimate ties to the Bush administration.

Just in from Washington where she covered this week's 9-11 hearings, award-winning journalist Michel Martin provides a unique view of what the commission's findings mean for America's security and the war on terror. Martin spent more than a decade reporting on politics at THE WASHINGTON POST and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, where she was White House Correspondent. Currently, you can find her at ABCNews' NIGHTLINE, where she has been a contributor for the past decade. Bill Moyers sits down with her to take a look at what's going on in Washington, and how the press gets information, probing the difference between uncovering truth and disseminating spin.

The Justice Department is prosecuting some of corporate America's most notorious executives for bilking investors out of billions. But even while a verdict could come any day for Dennis Kozlowski, the former Tyco chief accused of wallowing in his shareholders' money, CEO pay is soaring on Wall Street. What happened to truth and accountability? For answers, David Brancaccio turns to one of Wall Street's most astute observers. Allan Sloan is NEWSWEEK'S Wall Street editor and a regular on public radio's MARKETPLACE.

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School crossing sign
School Vouchers Overview

Debating School Vouchers


Election 2004: Education Issues

Update: Locke v. Davey, the Court and Religious Education

Journalist Michel Martin

Wall Street
The 9/11 Commission

Executive Pay — How Much Does the Big Boss Make?

NEWSWEEK Financial Editor Allan Sloan


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Bill Moyers talks with Michel Martin

David Brancaccio talks with NEWSWEEK's Allan Sloan

Bill Moyers on Sacrifice


Private Agenda
Producer: Leslie Sewell
Correspondent: Michele Mitchell
Editor: Vin Liota

The Center for Responsive Politics recently received a grant from The Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, which is headed by Bill Moyers. The grant was not related to this broadcast.

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