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March 28, 2003

This week on NOW:

Many wonder if the U.S. has miscalculated the response of the Iraqi citizens, as some take up arms against coalition forces. With war in Iraq and plans for reconstruction well underway, Bill Moyers interviews Arab scholar Shafeeq Ghabra via satellite from Kuwait about what we should know.

With the nationís attention focused on the unfolding war in Iraq, last week the House passed a spending plan for the next fiscal year that paved the way for the Administrationís proposed deep tax cuts. NOW with Bill Moyers examines who these tax cuts will benefit and their potential effect on an already fragile economy.

With city, state, and county governments across the country facing unprecedented budget shortfalls, the cost of war in Iraq could worsen the crisis in our communities. "We see the compelling needs in our community that are going unmet. And yet we donít understand the compelling need for this war," says Multnomah County, Oregon Commissioner Serena Cruz.

Bill Moyers interviews Charles Lewis, founder and executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, about how some high-level government advisors are using their influence to profit from the war in Iraq. Lewis will talk about the report the Center is preparing on the Defense Policy Board and his views on former Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Perle's alleged conflict of interest as chairman of the Board.

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Producer/Correspondent: Keith Brown
Editors: Andrew Fredericks and Amanda Zinoman

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Producer: Katie Pitra
Senior Washington Correspondent: Roberta Baskin
Editors: Kathi Black

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