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March 29, 2002

What happened to the idea of making a living wage in America? This week, NOW travels to Portland, Oregon where we meet working Americans who are struggling to afford food for their families. De Ette Peck states, "...Iíve had to tell them that they could have one helping of cereal because I wasnít sure if we were going to have enough to last the whole week."

In Depth

Oregon Food Bank

Meet the families behind the Oregon hunger statistics.

Find out how your state ranks in families living with hunger, and how to help.

Family dinner table
NOW updates the story of the efforts in Washington to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the Bush Administrationís energy task force.

Bill Moyers talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Horton Foote. He's got a new play about family opening on Broadway.


Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich talks about her own experience as a low wage salary worker.

Picture of the Week

The Invisible Women of Kandahar — Desolation or Hope? Submit your own captions.


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Life on Edge
Producer: Tom Casciato
Editor: Alison Amron

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