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This Week: Money in Pill Bottle
This Week
April 1, 2005

This week on NOW:

If you're retired and your former company is paying all or part of your health benefits, then you might want to dig out your old paperwork, put on your glasses (while you can still afford them) and read the fine print. Why? More and more retirees are finding themselves in court to save the health benefits they thought they were promised. And, judging by the decisions returned in a spate of cases, fine print trumps all. For many retirees, paying the soaring costs of healthcare is possible only with the help of their company's retirement packageóbenefits they counted on for life. Today, many companies are moving to slash benefits and shift costs to retirees, forcing some to drop out of coverage and others into court to save their benefits. How are these companies getting away with it? Corporate lawyers are filing preemptive lawsuits against former employees and relying on creative interpretations of fine print to make their case in court with greater and greater success. In THE BROKEN PROMISE, NOW goes inside the legal wrangling underway and tells the stories of workers and executives who say these companies are reneging on a promise and putting profits before people.

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Broken Promises (22:30)


The Broken Promise
Producer: Brenda Breslauer
Editor: Andrew Fredericks

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