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This Week: John Dean
This Week
April 2, 2004

This week on NOW:

John Dean is in the news again. Thirty years ago as counsel to Richard Nixon he mesmerized the country with his testimony in the Watergate hearings about "a cancer growing on the presidency." Eventually Nixon would resign and John Dean would go down in history for his role in the Watergate scandal. Now Dean has written a new book - his sixth - in which he concludes that the obsessive secrecy and deception in Washington today is "Worse Than Watergate." The conversation with Bill Moyers is Dean's first television interview on "the hidden agenda of a White House shrouded in secrecy and a presidency that seeks to remain unaccountable" and his book WORSE THAN WATERGATE: THE SECRET PRESIDENCY OF GEORGE W. BUSH.

Is America on the threshold of a new nuclear arms race? In the months following 9/11, the administration issued an ambitious plan for the future of America's nuclear weapons arsenal. That plan envisions new, specialized nuclear weapons and other devices that could be used in a first strike against terrorists and rogue dictators. NOW weighs the potential impact of a renewed nuclear arms development program and examines how efficient some of these new weapons might be against a terrorist enemy. With the Bush administration asking for $500 million to fund research, the program gives viewers a look at the possibilities for America's nuclear arms future.

Following the ambush, murder, and mutilation of four US security contractors in Iraq on Wednesday, US troops vowed an "overwhelming" response to the brutal killings. With less than three months until June 30, the day President Bush wants to turn the country over to Iraqis, how do these recent developments bode for the transition? With continued killings, suicide bombings, civilian deaths, and increased tension between Iraqi factions, will the US be able to safely transfer power back to the Iraqi people? David Brancaccio interviews NPR's Deborah Amos who has been reporting from the troubled region for years.

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Bombs Away — A New Nuclear Age? (19:03)

Bill Moyers talks with Watergate Veteran John Dean

David Brancaccio talks with Deborah Amos about Iraq

David Brancaccio on the Politics of Gas Prices


Bombs Away
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