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This Week: Iraqi Children
This Week
April 9, 2004

This week on NOW:

With violence escalating to new heights this week, who is really in control in Iraq? Amid reports of more Shiites turning against the American-led occupation, David Brancaccio interviews staff writer for THE NEW YORKER Jon Lee Anderson via satellite for a close look at the situation on the ground in Iraq.

Religion has become the backdrop for the war in Iraq, it is at the center of the Palestinian conflict, and it also plays an important role in U.S. politics. A one-time Roman Catholic nun and a student of the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Karen Armstrong has had a unique journey in her search for God. A leading authority on the world's great religions, her best-selling books include A HISTORY OF GOD, THE BATTLE FOR GOD and ISLAM: A SHORT HISTORY. Her latest, THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE: MY CLIMB OUT OF DARKNESS is a memoir about her years in the convent and struggle to come to grips with the meaning of religion. Bill Moyers explores Armstrong's view of whether strong religious faith is compatible with religious freedom.

As the April 15 tax deadline nears, the General Accounting Office revealed that more than 60 percent of American corporations didn't pay a dime in taxes during the boom times of the late 90's. Meanwhile, over the last couple of years, corporate profits, as a percentage of the overall economy, have soared to historic levels. But, what does this mean for ordinary Americans? Kevin Phillips has been tracking the political and economic history of American wealth for more than three decades. He was the chief political strategist for Richard Nixon's victory in 1968 and wrote the 1969 bombshell book on the emerging Republican majority. Bill Moyers sits down with Kevin Phillips to examine who is winning and who is losing on the economic front in America.

In Depth

Map of Iraq
Jon Lee Anderson from Iraq

NOW's Focus on Iraq

Uncle Sam shaking taxpayer

Election 2004: Taxes and Spending

Compare Corporate Taxes and Yours

Kevin Phillips on Wealth and Democracy

Stained-glass window
Election 2004: Religion and Politics

Religious Scholar Karen Armstrong

21st-Century Faith


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Jon Lee Anderson from Baghdad (14:35)

Bill Moyers on the Children of Iraq (3:36)

Bill Moyers Talks with Kevin Phillips (17:34)

Bill Moyers and Religious Scholar Karen Anderson (15:54)

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