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April 12, 2002

This week on NOW. Just as they pay their taxes, the annual reports of American corporations are arriving in the mail. What shareholders are finding is causing their blood to boil. The value of their holdings may be down, but the chief executive officers are still making off with a fortune.

The astonishing diversity of America may be the greatest challenge facing law enforcement in our big cities. NOW’s Keith Brown and NPR’s Phillip Davis take a look at the story in Miami where, in the last twenty years, close to one hundred black men have been killed by the police.

In Depth

Miami police

Discover what cities across the country are doing to ease community/police tensions.

Bill Moyers talks to Dr. Robert Watson about the high-stakes politics of global warming.

Delray Beach
Photographer Joan Liftin captures how America's biggest Haitian community is policing itself.

Just what are American executives bringing home in their paychecks? A Report and a Bill Moyers Essay


Frank Wu

Commentary by Professor Frank Wu, author of the book YELLOW: RACE IN AMERICA BEYOND BLACK AND WHITE.

Picture of the Week

Joan Liftin looks at life in Little Haiti. Add your caption.


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Race and Justice
Producer: Keith Brown
Editor: Lewis Erskine

Executive Excess
Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Lewis Erskine

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