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April 18, 2003

This week on NOW:

Is a new bill in Congress putting corporate profits over workers' rights? NOW examines the future of WORKING OVERTIME. Sponsors of the new bill in Congress say their legislation will give people the choice they've wanted: get paid for working overtime or get comp time off instead. So why are critics saying this bill is just a cleverly disguised effort to put corporate profits ahead of worker rights?

Bill Moyers talks to economic journalist Jeff Madrick on the economy, the rationality of wartime, tax cuts and who wins and loses in the budget battles. Jeff Madrick is an economics columnist for THE NEW YORK TIMES, editor of the bimonthly economic journal CHALLENGE and the author of several books, including last year's WHY ECONOMIES GROW. Currently, he is working on a biographical history of the American Economy since 1970.

Bill Moyers talks to writer and publisher Steven Brill about his new book AFTER, which looks at how America has recovered starting September 12, the morning after 9-11.

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The Balance Sheet On The American Economy

Who Works Most Worldwide

Working Overtime: Family Time Flexibility Act Overview

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Employment And Labor Resource Map

Labor Law Glossary

Steven Brill
Steven Brill on Living in America After 9/11

Updates on September 11-related Stories


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Bill Moyers on Money, Politics and War


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Working Overtime
Producer: William Brangham
Correspondent: Keith Brown
Editor: Vincent Liota

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