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April 19, 2002

This week on NOW, a six-month investigation by NOW with Bill Moyers, The Nation magazine, and The Center for Investigative Reporting reveals a story about law and order and practiced by Big Tobacco - companies so huge, their revenues dwarf the Gross National Product of some countries. Have those companies grown so powerful they can disregard international law?

In Depth


Follow the trail of cigarette smuggling worldwide.

Find out more about the Black Market Peso Exchange, and Big Tobacco and the Patriot Act.

Hudson School
Latin American theorist Hernando de Soto talks with Bill Moyers about the overthrow - and return - of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

A preview of the upcoming two-part documentary, AMERICAS FIRST RIVER: BILL MOYERS ON THE HUDSON

Read Philip Morris's position on money laundering and cigarette smuggling as well as their official POLICY STATEMENT ON COMPLIANCE WITH FISCAL, TRADE AND ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LAWS


Vertamae Grosvenor

Vertamae Grosvenor shares the story of an unlikely spy who helped the union win the Civil War.

Picture of the Week

Delray Beach
Joan Liftin looks at life in Little Haiti. Add your caption.


Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

Read the complete transcript.


Tobacco Traffic
Producer: Oriana Zill de Granados and Mark Schapiro
Editor: Vincent Liota

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