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This Week: WPA Work Poster: Offshoring
This Week
May 7, 2004

This week on NOW:

Samantha Power won a 2003 Pulitzer Prize for her non-fiction book, A PROBLEM FROM HELL: AMERICA AND THE AGE OF GENOCIDE and is founder of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University. David Brancaccio sits down with Power to discuss the recently surfaced images showing the abuse of Iraqis from inside the Abu Ghraib prison and the implications for the view of America in the Middle East and the world. Power will also discuss what she sees as the blurry lines between American values and universal values, America's a la carte application of principles, and the immunity from international scrutiny that America seeks by not signing on to bodies like the International Criminal Court.

While Wall Street loves replacing American jobs with low-wage workers overseas to reduce costs, increase profits, and boost stock price, today more and more business owners are saying it's a shortsighted strategy for short-term gain. NOW with Bill Moyers gets a unique perspective on the flight of manufacturing jobs out of America and reports on why some business owners believe that shipping jobs overseas is selling America out. David Brancaccio travels to Rockford, IL, a bellwether of the nation's manufacturing economy, and talks to business owners about the 12,000 jobs lost in the area during the recession. "We cannot continue to exploit the low cost labor countries at the expense of our people here state side," says Rockford business owner Matt Bortoli. "This is the new terrorist threat as far as I'm concerned."

Bill Moyers talks with WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial page editor Paul Gigot, to discuss the news beyond the headlines. With more than 20 years at the WSJ, Gigot won the Overseas Press Club award for his reporting on the Philippines as Asia Correspondent and the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for his Washington column POTOMAC WATCH.

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The Outsourcing Debate

Outsourcing Overview

Employment Resource Map

Samantha Power

Changing Face of Unemployment

Samantha Power on International Justice

Current Headlines: The World Reacts

Wall Street
History of International Courts


Bill Moyers on The Media, Politics, and Censorship

Clear Channel Responds


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Bill Moyers talks with Paul Gigot (15:44)

David Brancaccio talks with Samantha Power (13:06)

Rush Limbaugh on the prison scandal (0:54)

Quitting Time? Rockford, Illinois (18:09)

Bill Moyers on The Media, Politics, and Censorship (3:51)


Quitting Time?
Correspondent: David Brancaccio
Producer: Peter Meryash
Editor: Alison Amron

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