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This Week: Veteran and Flag
This Week
May 13, 2005

This week on NOW:

With hundreds of thousands of soldiers having served in Iraq, conservative estimates indicate that 1 in 6 are returning from combat suffering from major depression, generalized anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can be as crippling as any physical wound. Is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) equipped to treat these soldiers who have risked their lives for their nation? NOW investigates how the VA is planning to deal with this influx of new cases while meeting the needs of current veterans. The report profiles Jeremy Lewis, an Iraq veteran from Buffalo, New York, who says he's not getting enough treatment and that without it his future hangs in the balance. "Doctors told me I should be getting more, but they said that we just don't have the money," says Lewis. "So I guess I am kind of stuck."

Nina Berman, a New York-based photographer, scoured the country, from Prichard, Alabama to Santa Ana, California, interviewing and photographing soldiers wounded in Iraq and documenting the human costs of war. Berman shares some moving photos from her recently published book, PURPLE HEARTS: BACK FROM IRAQ. In the book her portraits and interviews with soldiers capture the ongoing war in Iraq with compelling images and simple, blunt language.

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The Battle at Home (16:53)

Purple Hearts (5:58)


The Battle at Home
Producer: Peter Meryash
Editor: Kathi Black

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