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May 16, 2003

This week on NOW:

Is there a war on women’s rights? NOW examines the claims of pro-choice advocates that Washington has instigated a well-orchestrated campaign with the goal of taking away women's reproductive rights in POLITICS OF CHOICE.

Political columnist and best-selling author Molly Ivins talks with Bill Moyers about politics, and her unique view of the news, from the Texas Democrats holed up in Oklahoma, to the hunt for Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to the state of our Democracy today in America.

Bill Moyers interviews scholar and best-selling author Elaine Pagels on what matters most about spiritual and religious exploration in the 21st century and what she learned from the secret words of Jesus.

In Depth

Cut outs of women

Exploring the Politics of Choice

Women's Health Resource Map

Molly Ivins
Watching Your State Legislature at Work

Columnist Molly Ivins

Elaine Pagels
Elaine Pagels on the Secret Gospel of Thomas

21st Century Faith


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Brenda Breslauer
Producer/Correspondent: Brenda Breslauer
Editor: Kathi Black

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