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This Week: Project Greenhope
This Week
May 21, 2004

This week on NOW:

Since the release of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos, speculation has arisen as to whether the administration knew about or even sanctioned the use of torture. Does the President’s new kind of war mean a new set of rules are in order to fight terror? David Brancaccio talks to Scott Horton, President of the International League for Human Rights. Horton will discuss the legal basis for the global war on terror and the U.S. government classified memo that puts forth what NEWSWEEK described as "a legal framework to justify a secret system of detention and interrogation that sidesteps the historical safeguards of the Geneva Convention."

The vast majority of women behind bars in the U.S. are non-violent offenders who committed crimes to feed drug addiction. Experts say that without successful treatment for substance abuse and training for re-entry into society, the odds are they will return to prison. In New York City a unique program, Project Greenhope, has helped thousands of women by working to heal their addictions and by giving them the tools they need to reclaim their lives. Remarkably, 70 percent of Project Greenhope’s women complete the program, compared to a 70 percent drop out rate for similar treatment facilities. What does Project Greenhope’s success mean for a criminal justice system that stresses punishment not rehabilitation? NOW profiles this extraordinary program and explores how it might hold a key for a costly and bulging corrections system that some believe is in crisis.

Bill Moyers talks with WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial page editor Paul Gigot, to discuss the news beyond the headlines.  With more than 20 years at the WSJ, Gigot won the Overseas Press Club award for his reporting on the Philippines as Asia Correspondent and the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for his Washington column POTOMAC WATCH. 

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David Brancaccio talks with human rights lawyer Scott Horton (18:03)

The Ultimate Makeover — The Women of Project Greenhope (18:03)

Bill Moyers talks with THE WALL STREET JOURNAL's Paul Gigot (12:42)

Medicare Update (2:35)


The Ultimate Makeover
Producer: Kathleen Hughes
Correspondent: JuJu Chang
Editor: Vincent Liota

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