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May 23, 2003

This week on NOW:

With ten days until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announces whether itís going to allow big media to get even bigger, why do many see the result of the FCC vote as a foregone conclusion? Do major media corporations have influence over government decision-making and data? NOW examines the access of big media companies to the FCC in ON THE INDUSTRY DIME. Bill Moyers interviews Chuck Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity, which released a study Thursday on the close relationship between the FCC and the media industry.

Bill Moyers interviews British political commentator Will Hutton, who says the US must re-engage the rest of the world for its own long-term survival. Hutton is a weekly columnist for Londonís THE OBSERVER, chief executive of Britainís The Work Foundation, and author most recently of A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE: WHY AMERICA SHOULD JOIN THE WORLD.

NOW goes behind the scenes with Los Lobos, a band that uses influences from many countries and eras to create a new American sound. "What is really truly American?" asks band member Louie Perez, "The purest definition of American music would be a band like ourselves, that take our own culture and tradition and interpret it and then pass it on. Thatís America, for us."

Plus a special Bill Moyers Journal.

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Media Consolidation Roundup

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American-grown Music: Los Lobos

Will Hutton
Will Hutton on America's Place in the World

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Bill Moyers on Candor in Journalism


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On the Industry Dime
Producer: Peter Meryash
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

Los Lobos
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Editor: Vin Liota

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