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May 24, 2002

This week NOW revisits the traumas of September 11. Next Friday, the clean-up crews will leave Ground Zero, former site of the World Trade Center, for good, marking the official end of the eight-and-a-half month recovery effort. But the emotional debris left by that day is proving more difficult to remove. For some children, 9/11 happens again and again in their imagination. NOW travels to Rockville Centre, Long Island, to a landmark counseling center where one counselor explains, "Sometimes, it’s a little bit disturbing to people. Because we still build 10, 20, twin towers a week and get them knocked over..."

In Depth

Aceh province

What do you know about the world's largest Muslim Country?

NOW reports from Indonesia about the struggle for independence in the province of Aceh.

John L. Esposito, one of the world’s leading scholars talks about the many faces of Islam in a special interview with Bill Moyers

Best-selling author Barbara Kingsolver talks with Bill Moyers about the power of the word in a time of tragedy.

Barbara Kingsolver
NOW presents an excerpt from Barbara Kingsolvers's SMALL WONDER


Talk about memory and Memorial Day on the message boards.

Picture of the Week

South African girls
A girl in a café — Who and where? Add your caption.


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A Dirty War
Produced by: Kira Kay & Jason Maloney
Filmed & Edited by: Jason Maloney

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