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This Week: On the Border
This Week
May 28, 2004

This week on NOW:

The working poor of South Texas are surrounded by signs of prosperity: new houses, new malls, new construction. But the economic boom in the area is actually widening the gap between the wealthy and the working poor. The dream for many immigrant families of working hard, educating their kids, and moving up the economic ladder is becoming increasingly that, just a dream. NOW takes viewers inside the hardscrabble world of two migrant families trying to break out. One is a family of migrant farm workers which was forced to choose between barely earning a living in the fields or educating their kids. The other is a grandmother who's starting her life over again after the factory where she worked shut down and moved to Mexico. NOW correspondent Michele Mitchell examines this unique cycle of poverty and looks at the potential outcomes of a public policy debate that may mean the difference for the nation's poorest workers.

Before the war in Iraq, Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) read 30 questions to the House that they should be asking before going to war. This Saturday, Rep. Paul will be one of the speakers addressing the 2004 Libertarian Party Convention. As libertarians in Atlanta gather to name their candidate, Bill Moyers talks with again with Representative Paul to discuss what he thinks are the key issues in the upcoming election and how he sees the war in Iraq.

As the November elections draw ever nearer, the polls point to the dramatic polarization of American politics. What is on the minds of voters on the left and on the right? And what messages are the President and Senator Kerry conveying? David Brancaccio sits down with ABCNews Correspondent Michel Martin and Economist Washington Correspondent Adrian Wooldridge to discuss where they see each campaign headed and how politics of left and right is playing out at home and abroad.

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Migrant farm laborers

America's Migrant Laborers

Employment and Retraining Map

Life on a Low Wage

Child working in fields
Children in the Fields

Essays by Migrant Youth

Election 2004: Battleground States

Journalist Michel Martin

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Reflects on the Iraq War

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Bill Moyers talks with Congressman Ron Paul (13:07)

David Brancaccio talks with Michel Martin and Adrian Wooldridge (16:18)


On the Border
Producer: William Brangham
Correspondent: Michele Mitchell
Editor: Alison Amron

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