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June 6, 2003

This week on NOW:

As President Bush meets with key leaders in the Middle East to discuss his "road map" for peace, the fate of numerous settlements in the West Bank is central to the debate. While the settlements have been opposed by many US administrations, Israel has been the largest recipient of US economic and military aid. Some $3 billion a year since 1979 has been aimed at reducing Israel's defense spending burden. But exactly where does the American aid go? NOW examines how Israel has found billions for the controversial building of settlements in the world's most contested land.

Bill Moyers and Harvard professor and expert on social policy issues Theda Skocpol discuss the rise and dominance of the GOP, the politics behind the new tax bill, and how the decline in public involvement threatens our democracy. Skocpol is an author and the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology and the Director of the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University. Her latest book, DIMINISHED DEMOCRACY: FROM MEMBERSHIP TO MANAGEMENT IN AMERICAN CIVIC LIFE, analyzes the vanishing role of civic participation and what it means for America.

In the heart of Florida's panhandle, a million untouched acres of forests, wetlands, swamps, coastline and beachfront could become casualties of development. The St. Joe Company, a former paper company and Florida's largest private landowner, wants to turn its real estate into revenue by undertaking an unprecedented development project that will forever change an area that experts say is one of the most environmentally sensitive in the nation. NOW examines the political influence of the Florida developer St. Joe Company and looks at how the company's plans for roads and a new airport may leave taxpayers footing the bill.

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Subsidizing the Settlements
Producer: Bob Abeshouse
Editor: Vincent Liota

The Last Frontier
Producers: Gregory Henry & Kathleen Hughes
Editors: Amanda Zinoman & Kendrick Simmons

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