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June 13, 2003

This week on NOW:

Did the Bush administration distort Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to drum up support for the war? NOW investigates in THE CASE FOR WAR, featuring an exclusive television interview with an intelligence insider Greg Thielmann. In September 2002, Thielmann retired from the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, one of the offices charged with tracking Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Why is he now accusing the administration of not accurately relaying intelligence information about Iraq's weapons to the American people?

Bill Moyers sits down with renowned author Isabel Allende to talk about her new book MY INVENTED COUNTRY: A NOSTALGIC JOURNEY THROUGH CHILE, and about the writer's life and imagination. The book is inspired by two violent days, both falling on the September 11th - in 1973, the day she lost Chile to the military coup that would eventually drive her out of the country, and in 2001, the day, Allende says, she gained a country. Moyers talks to Allende about her life and her creative process, and shows us how a traumatic event can shape the prism in which we view the world.

NOW stays on the media beat after the June 2 Federal Communication Commission (FCC) vote, as some media companies are already acting on loosened ownership regulations. But the debate is not over yet. Last week, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) called for a vote in his Commerce Committee on a resolution to rollback the FCC's recent ruling. NOW looks at how Congress is reacting to the FCC's decision to allow Big Media the opportunity to get even bigger. The debate has made strange bedfellows among members of Congress, where members of both parties have vowed to override all or parts of the of the FCC's decision.

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Map of Iraq

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Assessing the Evidence

NOW's Iraq Coverage

Isabel Allende
Bill Moyers Talks with author Isabel Allende


David Brancaccio
The New Media Ownership Rules

Guest host, David Brancaccio


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Writing history and fiction with Isabel Allende

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The Case For War
Producer: Brenda Breslauer
Editor: Alison Amron

A Victory For Big Media?
Producer: Betsy Rate
Editor: Vincent Liota

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