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June 14, 2002

This week on NOW: leaders of one of the world's most brutal terrorist groups have long advocated violence against the Egyptian government, and even supplied some foot soldiers for Osama bin Laden. Now they're having second thoughts - is their change of heart to be trusted? NPR's Deborah Amos and NOW's Gregory Henry have this report.

Bill Moyers interviews Daniel Yankelovich, founder of the non-profit organization Public Agenda and author of THE MAGIC OF DIALOGUE. Recognized the world over for careful and credible research on American values and public opinion, Yankelovich explains the need to be careful when reading poll results.

John Sayles, one of our most celebrated independent filmmakers, examines the ever-changing landscape of America in his new film SUNSHINE STATE.

In Depth

Egyptian scene

Did the Muslim Brotherhood have a change of heart?

Daniel Yankelovich
Where did polls come from? A brief history of opinion polling.

Bill Moyers interviews public opinion expert Daniel Yankelovich

Florida mermaids
John Sayles tells the story of the ordinary folk of Florida.


NPR's John Ridley comments on the role of pollsters in this political year.

Picture of the Week

South African girls
Henry — Korean War Veteran. Add your caption.


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Renouncing Terror?
Produced by: Gregory Henry
NPR Correspondent: Deborah Amos
Edited by: Rob Hall

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