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June 20, 2003

This week on NOW:

He was a drug addict, a thief, and the leader of a prison gang. So why should we believe David Lewis when he says he holds the key to reducing America's prison population? An incredible story of redemption in REBUILDING LIVES. David Lewis was hooked on heroin at 15. By the time he was 18 he was in prison, where he ran drugs and made people pay for protection to stay alive. But a personal search for dignity has led to Lewis' extraordinary transformation, and today he is president of one of the nation's most innovative treatment programs aimed at breaking the cycles of addiction and incarceration. What can America's corrections system learn from this incredible story of human redemption?

Iran may be the next weapons of mass destruction "hotspot", but what do we know about its people? Get inside the psyche of this 9,000-year-old society with author and literary scholar Azar Nafisi who led an underground group in Tehran to study "subversive" Western authors. Discover what Nabokov's LOLITA can tell us about Iran.

The decision is expected to be announced this coming week in an important Supreme Court case — a case that may determine the course of race relations in this country. Columbia University President, Lee Bollinger wrote the admissions policies that are currently under siege at the University of Michigan when he was dean of the university's law school. Find out his thoughts on race, affirmative action, weighted admissions, and what the decision could mean for the future of higher education.

Temper the glory of war through a personal essay by photographer Lori Ginker and her SNAPSHOTS from the US naval hospital ship Comfort. These sometimes jarring photos are a stark reminder that the blood, wounds, and suffering are all too real.

In Depth

Prison guard tower

Resources for Recovery

American Prisons in Perspective

Azar Nafisi
A Conversation with Iranian Author Azar Nafisi

Student Protests in Iran

Henry, Photo by Lori Grinker
Photojournalist Lori Grinker Goes to War

Lee Bollinger on Affirmative Action


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Rebuilding Lives
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Editor: Alison Amron

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