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June 21, 2002

This week on NOW: Is Congress trying to make Wall Street safe for predators? Despite all the evidence that small investors have been the victims of a con game, some of the big Wall Street firms are moving legislation through Congress that would prevent states from prosecuting them if they violate security laws. Bill Moyers interviews Eliot Spitzer on his reaction to this end run around state regulation.

Unlike the big firms on Wall Street, residents of Anniston, Alabama have had no friends in high places. They’ve been living with a toxic bomb for many years, and no one told them just how dangerous it was — not the company that produced the poison, not the state or federal government. One resident reports on the consequences, " They robbed me of my health. They robbed my kids of their health. They robbed me of my home." NOW’s Keith Brown reports.

In Depth

Keep Out sign in Anniston, Alabama

What are PCBs are what is being done about them?

Child in Anniston, Alabama
Find out about the environment in your neighborhood. Use our resource map.

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Pharmaceutical ad
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication talks with Bill Moyers about what's behind the sound bites and images we see on television.


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Picture of the Week

View from above
Emmet Gowin's views of the changing earth. Add your caption.

And view a special photo essay of Gowin's work.

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Toxic Community
Produced by: Keith Brown
Edited by: Alison Amron

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