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June 27, 2003

This week on NOW:

The war is won, but are the toughest battles in Iraq still ahead? NOW reports from Baghdad. It's been nearly two months since President Bush declared major combat operations ended in Iraq, but attacks on British and American troops continue. Just this week, six British soldiers were killed during a shooting rampage in southern Iraq, and at least 19 American soldiers have died in hostile fire since the President’s declaration on May 1. Deb Amos reports from Baghdad on the how the presence of US troops in the war-torn country is perceived both from our own soldiers' perspectives and from those of the Iraqi people.

Bill Moyers sits down with best-selling author Erica Jong to discuss what people today can learn form Ancient Greek poet Sappho. Jong, probably best known for her explicit writing about women’s sexuality in her first novel, FEAR OF FLYING, takes on the erotic poet in her latest work SAPPHO’S LEAP. In the novel, Jong seeks out connections to Sappho’s ancient world and discovers how this poetry rooted in antiquity has transcended time.

Is your pension plan hemorrhaging money? A good pension was once a part of the American Dream, and for generations, traditional, company-sponsored pension plans have been one of the bedrocks of retirement income. But today many Americans may never get the full value of their pension funds. Now, Congress is considering legislation that could relieve companies from having to make good on their commitments to fully fund pensions for their employees. Forty-four million Americans are counting on these pensions to be there when they need them. NOW examines how some companies have used accounting loopholes to avoid fully funding their pension plans, while at the same time go out of their way to ensure the retirement benefits of their top executives.

Bill Moyers answers your mail.

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Pension Pain

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Deborah Amos Reports from Iraq

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Pension Pain
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