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July 5, 2002

This week on NOW: Who does water belong to? Who should control it? NOW takes you to where protest and dissent still matter. In many countries, water is scarce, and becoming as valuable as liquid gold. In the name of globalization, it's being argued that only the market can distribute this scarce commodity most efficiently, and water rights are being bought up by multinational corporations...those who need water are pitted against those who want it for profit. Producer David Murdock and The NEW YORKER's William Finnegan report from Bolivia in this collaboration with the new PBS series Frontline/World.

Next, all over the world there have been outbreaks of protest against globalization like those in Bolivia. Bill Moyers interviews someone who knows about those protests firsthand: Noreena Hertz, author of THE SILENT TAKEOVER, and Associate Director of the Centre for International Business at the University of Cambridge.

Then, Bill Moyers takes a look at the Declaration of Independence - the only copy in private hands - and talks to its owner, Norman Lear, the Emmy-award winning producer of ALL IN THE FAMILY and founder of the liberal advocacy group, People for the American Way. Quoting the document, Lear says, "'All men are created equal, endowed by their creator with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' If one takes those words very seriously and then examines all of the policy that's necessary to make those words real...we haven't made good on all these promises."

Plus, a special holiday commentary from Frank Wu, the first Asian-American on the Law School faculty of Howard University in Washington, DC. Wu talks about being the son of immigrants and an American, too.

In Depth

Bolivian riot

Who's Who in Bolivia's water war? Watch a video.

water barrel
Big gulps and biggest drips: who is winning the worldwide water-wasting contest?

Scholar and author Noreena Hertz, THE SILENT TAKEOVER, talks to Bill Moyers about globalization.

Angelique Kidjo
Singer Angelique Kidjo performs in the NOW studio. Watch a video.


Stained glass

Discuss the separation of church and state on the message boards.

Bill Moyers talks about the Declaration of Independence and religion in American politics with Norman Lear.


Frank Wu on the real fireworks of the Fourth of July.

Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

Read the complete transcript.


Leasing the Rain
Produced by: David Murdock
Correspondent: William Finnegan
Edited by: Amanda Zinoman

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