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July 11, 2003

This week on NOW:

There's a battle in the Beltway over President Bush's judicial nominee Bill Pryor. Currently the Attorney General of Alabama, Pryor's strong views on Roe v. Wade and gay rights have some Democrats worried that as a judge on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, he would be unduly influenced by his ideological convictions. Republicans contend that once on the bench, Pryor will set aside his personal beliefs and uphold the law. NOW spotlights Pryor and what is shaping up to be one of the Administration's most controversial nominations to date.

Why does politics make for such great satire? Bill Moyers talks with comedian Jon Stewart, host of cable's critically acclaimed news parody THE DAILY SHOW. What's the difference between fake news and real news? Bill Moyers will interview Stewart about his unique brand of news delivery, his take on current events, and why on his half hour daily has a unique niche in a sea of cable news and talk shows.

What did Dick Cheney not want you to know about his Energy Task Force? On Tuesday, the courts refused to stop a lawsuit delving into Vice President Dick Cheney's contacts with energy industry insiders as the White House drafted America's energy policy. The ruling rejects the administration's arguments that the suit is unconstitutional and an intrusion on the operations of the executive. Bill Moyers interviews Larry Klayman, Chairman and General Counsel for Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group that brought the case.

In Depth

Supreme Court

Our Federal Court System

You Be the Judge — William Pryor's Record

John Stewart
THE DAILY SHOW's Jon Stewart

A Brief History of American Political Satire

Government files
Larry Klayman on the Cheney Lawsuit

Using the Freedom of Information Act


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A Justice for All?
Producer: Betsy Rate
Editor: Alison Amron

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