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July 12, 2002

This week NOW airs an evening of focused and important conversation on the role of Islam in shaping the politics of the Middle East, American perceptions of the beliefs and behavior of Muslims, and Arab views on the role of America in their region.

First, a look at the increasingly politicized moderate Muslims in Egypt, historically one of America's most stable partners in the Middle East. Despite their long-time embrace of many aspects of American culture, from fast food to movies, NPR's Deborah Amos reports that Egypt's Muslims are increasingly identifying with the Palestinian cause and condemning American policies in the region.

Then, at a recent Aspen Institute seminar on Islam and the West moderated by Moyers, eight distinguished journalists and scholars from around the world came together to discuss their own reactions to the destruction of the World Trade Center towers and what subsequent events reveal about Islam's contradictions. In a penetrating conversation steered by many different points of view, the panel draws distinctions between the behavior of Muslims and the teachings of Islam and articulates the difference between terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and fundamentalist political groups. They debate the clash of Islam with a modern world and how the Koran can be reconciled with democracy and a viable economy.

In Depth

Aspen Institute Group

Meet the participants in the Islam and the West conversation.

Satellite dishes and minaret in Cairo
Find out more about the Aspen Institute

What's the view from Cairo? NPR's Deb Amos investigates.

Students are American University in Cairo
Youth Speaks: American and Egyptian students at The American University in Cairo


Protest in Cairo

Read the transcript of JUSTICE AND JIHAD and continue the discussion on the message boards

Picture of the Week

Muslim girl in fast food restaurant
Clash of worlds or peaceful coexistence?

Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

Read the complete transcript.


The View from Cairo
Produced by: Brenda Breslauer
NPR Correspondent: Deb Amos
Edited by: Amanda Zinoman

Islam vs. Islam
Produced by: Dominique Lasseur
Director: Catherine Tatge
Edited by: Joanna Kiernan
Director of Photography: Joel Shapiro

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