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This Week: Refinery
This Week
July 15, 2005

This week on NOW:

In the nearly four years since 9/11, the U.S. government has failed to upgrade security standards for the nation's chemical plants and refineries—terror targets some say present the greatest possibility of mass casualties. NOW investigates charges of unsafe practices at a large petrochemical plant in Louisiana, examining its history of accidents and the health effects of routine emissions. With chemical plant security legislation stalled in Congress, the report looks at how one refinery near New Orleans could endanger over one million people and explores what steps haven't been taken to make this facility and America's other plants safer.

The London bombings have put America's vulnerability to terrorist attack at the top of the national discussion this week. NOW regular contributor Christine Todd Whitman, who was running the EPA when President Bush designated it as having the lead in chemical site security, examines the job currently being done by the government. "There is no mandate that says these companies have to do things any better than they're doing," she says.

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Refinery and Chemical Plant Safety

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Industrial Safety Map

Christine Todd Whitman
Christine Todd Whitman

Environmental Checklist for Your Home

Nuclear Plant Safety


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Formula for Disaster? (15:57)

David Brancaccio talks with Christine Todd Whitman (6:38)


Formula for Disaster?
Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Kathi Black

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