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July 18, 2003

This week on NOW:

Tuna, widely known for its health benefits, is the third most popular food on grocery store shelves behind sugar and coffee. It's also widely known that canned tuna contains potentially poisonous methylmercury, but why isn't it mentioned by the FDA in its current consumer advisory? NOW examines how the influence of the Tuna industry on the FDA may be putting Americans and their children at risk for mercury poisoning. The report exposes that the FDA only tests about a dozen cans of tuna for mercury a year and doesn't ask to review the tuna industry's own tests. A recent study by the Mercury Policy Project, a public interest group, showed that one in 20 cans of Albacore tuna they tested had unacceptably high mercury levels.

Is Britain better at democracy than America? Bill Moyers sits down with witty British social and political commentators Simon Schama, best known for his acclaimed book and BBC series A HISTORY OF BRITAIN, and Niall Ferguson, prolific author most recently of EMPIRE: THE RISE AND DEMISE OF THE BRITISH WORLD ORDER AND THE LESSONS FOR GLOBAL POWER. The pair will discuss the health of American democracy compared to that of Great Britain's, and the United States' new imperial role.

As California faces its worst budget crisis, many Californians have been forced to go without healthcare. One Southwest Los Angeles community struggles to support a quarter of a million residents with no health insurance and one clinic has made it its mission to help them. NOW profiles Sylvia Drew Ivie, Executive Director of the T.H.E. (To Help Everyone) Clinic, Inc., a model of comprehensive, integrated health care for women and their families for the past 19 years. T.H.E. Clinic provides affordable, accessible care to the 1700 people it services per month.

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Troubled Oceans? Fish as Food

All About Mercury

Doctor and patient
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Local Treasure — T.H.E. Clinic

Prime Minister Tony Blair
Ex-Pats Ferguson and Schama on America as Empire

Tony Blair Under Fire

Moyers on Energy Secrets


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Food Fight
Senior Washington Correspondent: Roberta Baskin
Producer: Katie Pitra
Editors: Andrew Fredricks and Vincent Liota

To Help Everyone
Correspondent: Keith Brown
Producer: Mark Miller
Editor: Alice Perry

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