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July 22, 2005

This week on NOW:

Is the Bush administration suppressing hard science on the environment to further its political agenda in policy areas like global warming? NOW's Michele Mitchell investigates allegations that a former energy industry lobbyist was rewriting scientific findings to support the political priorities of the White House. In the report, government insider Rick Piltz says that Philip Cooney, a lawyer and former energy industry lobbyist, was making changes to reports on behalf of the White House and that it was part of a pattern to downplay the effects of global warming. "The 'fox guarding the henhouse' aspect of it was so blatant," says Piltz. "You had somebody who was essentially an oil industry lobbyist, who now is the White House environment policy maven." The White House announced Cooney's resignation as chief staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality in June.

In the aftermath of the recent wave bombings in London, police have reported a number of crimes that they consider to be "faith-related." What are the challenges facing moderate Muslims in the wake of these attacks? David Brancaccio interviews activist and filmmaker Naeem Mohaiemen about how progressive Muslims should respond to radical Islamists. "For Western Muslims, our number one priority is to root out terrorism, and to speak out against terrorism, and to...take action against terrorism," he says.

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Science and Politics

Climate Change Debate

Climate Change: International Perspectives

Public Lands: The Wilderness Act and the National Parks

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The New Range Wars

American mosque

Journalist Naeem Mohaiemen on the London aftermath

21st Century Faith

Faith in America


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