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July 26, 2002

This week on NOW:
  • Hidden Assets: NOW asks - who pays the bills for freedom?
  • The Last Stop: NOW ventures inside a home for troubled youths in search of healing and hope.

In "Hidden Assets," NOW producer Bryan Myers investigates how some Americans are avoiding paying their rightful share of taxes, and sometimes doing it with the help of the world's biggest banks. As many as two million Americans - most of them with incomes in the top 1% - may be hiding money overseas. The estimated cost to the U.S. Treasury? $70 billion a year.

Are we doing enough to help America's foster children? This week, a special report offers a rare look at one residential treatment center — Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry, New York — that is trying to heal some of our most troubled youths and guide them back into an often misunderstanding society.

In Depth

Art by Shawn of Children's Village

Meet some of the kids and workers at Children's Village.

Hidden Assets — Inside the World of Tax Evasion

Foster child's story
Q&A with a foster care professional

How To: Tracking Legislation on the Web

Bill Moyers responds to viewer mail


Corporate logo

Compare corporate tax rates with yours and then Talk Back on the message boards


Parent and child by Lori Grinker
Bill Moyers — God Bless the Child.

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Read the complete transcript.


Hidden Assets
Produced by: Bryan Myers
Edited by: Alison Amron

The Last Hope
Produced by: Kathleen Hughes
Edited by: Vincent Liota

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