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This Week: One Person, One Vote?
This Week
July 30, 2004

This week on NOW:

  • Remember Florida 2000? An obsolete voting system and allegations about partisan election officials threatened the legitimacy of the nation’s last presidential election. Four years and millions of dollars later, is America at risk for an even bigger election debacle this November? NOW’s Michele Mitchell travels to Florida to examine costly and controversial new technology that may not make the system any more accurate or tamper-proof than it was before, along with new concerns across the country about partisan politicians controlling official election tallies.

  • The Democrats put on a good show for a stronger more secure America, but what’s the substance behind the images? Bill Moyers asks NOW returning analysts Kevin Phillips and Michel Martin about how carefully orchestrated convention themes might play with voters. Kevin Phillips was the chief political strategist for Richard Nixon's victory in 1968 and wrote the bombshell book EMERGING REPUBLICAN MAJORITY. Ten years ago his best-selling book on the politics of rich and poor influenced the 1992 elections and his recent WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY: A POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN RICH looks at how big money and political power are the invisible hand in the hidden story of the American experience. Award-winning journalist Michel Martin spent more than a decade reporting on politics at THE WASHINGTON POST and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, where she was White House Correspondent. Currently, she contributes to ABCNews’ NIGHTLINE, where she has been for the past decade.

  • Fresh from the convention, political theorist Benjamin Barber analyzes the backroom discussion behind the unified public face as Democrats grapple with how America should act in a post-9/11 world. With national security and America’s world view the central issue in Boston, Barber examines the strong public front versus the struggle for a progressive platform. Benjamin R. Barber is the Gershon and Carol Kekst Professor of Civil Society and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland and a principal of the Democracy Collaborative, with offices in New York, and Maryland. Barber’s 17 books include the classic STRONG DEMOCRACY (1984); JIHAD VS. MCWORLD (1995); and FEAR'S EMPIRE: WAR, TERRORISM AND DEMOCRACY (2003). His next book, THE DECLINE OF CAPITALISM AND THE INFANTALIST ETHOS is due out next year.

In Depth

Florida Election Districts

Protecting Voters' Rights

Election Boards Map

America Votes

Covering the Conventions

Woman reading newspaper
Political Analyst Kevin Phillips

Tracking Campaign Ads

Journalist Michel Martin

Campaign Ads from Sloganeering to Mudslinging

Benjamin Barber
Political Scientist Benjamin Barber

America in the Eyes of the World

Watching the Election from Abroad


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One Person, One Vote? (12:46)

Bill Moyers talks with Kevin Phillips and Michel Martin (22:34)

Bill Moyers Talks with Benjamin Barber (15:09)


One Person, One Vote?
Producer: William Brangham
Correspondent: Michele Mitchell
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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