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This Week: Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day
This Week
August 13, 2004

This week on NOW:

Two years ago when Rilda Da Graca came to the United States from the Cape Verde Islands — alone and barely speaking a word of English — the odds of succeeding in her new country were slim. Today, because of an extraordinary school, this 20 year old is looking forward to earning her high school diploma next year. As the school year is about to begin, NOW profiles the Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School, which takes a radically different approach to education. It is a place of last chances for kids who don't fit anywhere else: new immigrants, foster children who've bounced from home to home, students who've chronically failed and teenage mothers struggling to make a better life for themselves and their children. After four months of filming inside this remarkable school, award-winning journalist Robert Krulwich tells the poignant stories of five students and their brave journeys to graduation.

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Starting From Behind
Producers: Robe Imbriano & Carla Denly
Correspondent: Robert Krulwich
Editor: Robe Imbriano

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