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August 22, 2003

This week on NOW:

Does this week’s attack on the UN headquarters in Iraq signal a new kind of conflict? BBC correspondent Caroline Hawley reports to NOW from Iraq to assess the situation on the ground and examine what recent events indicate for the future of rebuilding Iraq.

More and more throughout the United States local cable systems are part of big media conglomerates. But, many say that cable companies are no longer interested in addressing the needs of local communities even though community access media provides millions of Americans with educational opportunities, access to local government, and a forum for a local voice. NOW looks at the future of community access media in America, spotlighting the legal battle that the city of San Jose, California is in with media giant Comcast over funding that may jeopardize its ability to continue providing quality local programming.

NEW YORK TIMES journalist Bob Herbert recounts the "Tulia madness", the July 1999 pre-dawn raid in Tulia, Texas that saw 46 people - most of them black - wrongfully arrested on drug charges. Despite the fact that no evidence was recovered - no drugs, no weapons, no large stashes of cash - the raid resulted in 38 convictions and severe jail sentences, many on the testimony of a single law enforcement officer. Herbert, who brought national attention to this travesty of justice, tells Bill Moyers about some of the victims of the "Tulia madness" and what in our national drug policy made it possible for one man to ruin the lives of so many.

How do we balance our freedom and our safety? NOW interviews Georgetown law professor and civil liberties expert David Cole on how he thinks our war on terrorism is being fought.

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