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August 29, 2003

This week on NOW:

In the midst of steep economic recession and skyrocketing unemployment rates, more and more major American companies are cutting costs by outsourcing work to foreign countries. Now, these exported jobs are taking their toll on college-educated and skilled professional workforce. With experts estimating that 3.3 million white-collar jobs will be sent overseas by 2015, is America's middle class being hollowed out? NOW goes to India where the country's skilled and educated workforce is answering customer and financial service calls and taking over technology positions for some of America's biggest corporations while millions of Americans search for jobs at home.

Bill Moyers interviews eminent scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki who says that the entire planet may be reaching its limit. The conversation expands on Suzuki's four-part television series called THE SACRED BALANCE beginning next Wednesday night on PBS, in which he explores how everything in the natural world from life-giving water and soil to the life in our oceans and our skies is interconnected with each other and with the earth.

As millions of Americans head back to school next week, the impact of ballooning state budget deficits is evident in America's classrooms. Across the nation, severe cuts in funding for primary schools and high schools as well as for state colleges and universities have left many educators and administrators wondering what the future holds. Last year, some Oregon public schools were forced to close ahead of schedule for lack of money leaving parent's scrambling. David Brancaccio interviews Southern Oregon University president Elisabeth Zinser to discuss the Oregon budget cuts and their impact on higher education.

David Brancaccio on the pumped up prices of gasoline.

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Woman on headset

Foreign Service? White-collar jobs head overseas

The changing face of unemployment

David Suzuki

Employment Resource Map

Scientist David Suzuki on the impact of humanity

Checking up on the chemicals in your environment

Where to E-Cycle in Your Neighborhood


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Foreign Service?
Producers: Brenda Breslauer and Peter Meryash
Editor: Kathi Black

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