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August 30, 2002

This week on NOW: As America Honors the Heroes Among Us Who Fought in World War II NOW WITH BILL MOYERS presented "D-DAY REUNION."

The soldiers of World War II, the heroes among us, are dying at the startling rate of over 1,100 veterans per day. They are the living connection to our country's wartime history and, as they pass away, so do their stories.

This week on NOW, we look back on the honor, bravery and patriotism of these veterans in celebration of the 58th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 2002).

In Bill Moyers' 1990 documentary, FROM D-DAY TO THE RHINE, eight World War II veterans returned to Europe to speak about their wartime experiences, some of them unlocking memories they had been keeping inside for nearly 50 years. Featuring excerpts of this historic documentary, D-DAY REUNION brings together four of these eight veterans in Texas to talk with Bill Moyers about their memories, their values and their commitment to America.

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