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This Week: Republican National Convention
This Week
September 3, 2004

This week on NOW:

The Republicans have put on a moderate face in New York, but where is the soul of the party? NOW with Bill Moyers takes the pulse of the convention hall to see what Christian Conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans, and moderates are saying about a behind-the-scenes battle to push centrist voices out of the GOP.

And, while convention speakers are pounding the drums of Republican leadership in wartime, is the message in step with reality? NOW’s media expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson analyzes President Bush's acceptance speech and the week's messages about leadership and war, ownership and freedom.

At the conventions, big money is shelled out for high-priced parties to buy face time with lawmakers. NOW’s Michele Mitchell goes inside these lavish parties for an inside looks at the festive efforts of the defense industry to influence America's defense policies. Bill Hartung, a senior research fellow at the World Policy Institute and expert on the lobbying of the defense industry provides context. "I think people don't realize how much it costs them in terms of distorting the budget, in terms of wasting tax money," he says.

Republican speakers have made a case for war in many of this week's speeches. But, few people could give us better insight into the war in Iraq than journalist Phillip Robertson, who has been on the frontlines since April. Just a couple of weeks ago, Robertson was one of the first Western journalists to make it into Najaf during heavy fighting between the insurgent forces of Moktada al-Sadr and the U.S. Bill Moyers interviews Robertson via satellite to get the view from Baghdad and find out what he's been experiencing on the ground.

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Breaking With Convention: Heart of the GOP (14:58)

Bill Moyers talks with Kathleen Hall Jamieson (14:52)

War Parties, Part I (4:43)

War Parties, Part II (8:55)

Bill Moyers talks with's Phillip Robertson (6:29)


Breaking with Convention
Producer: William Brangham
Editor: Andy Fredericks

War Parties
Producers: Brenda Breslauer & Steve McCarthy
Correspondent: Michele Mitchell
Editor: Lars Woodruffe

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