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September 13, 2002

This week on NOW:

One year into the war on terror, are we losing vital Constitutional safeguards? In TAKING LIBERTIES, NOW examines the great changes in legal protection after September 11th. The terrorist threat that hangs over us is not going away. And the enemy is nowhere and anywhere. What does this mean for our peace of mind, our daily passages, our national purpose? This week, NOW considers the subject of personal freedom versus public safety. NOW producers Kathleen Hughes and William Brangham report on the Patriot Act.

Just how far do we go in striking a balance between liberty and security? In RETHINKING FREEDOM, a panel of leading authorities from across the spectrum of political ideologies talk about civil liberties since 9/11. The government has given itself broad new powers in the war against terror. For instance, the new “enemy combatant” designation allows the government, in secret with no oversight, to jail anyone - including Americans - and hold them indefinitely without a trial. Every day seems to put on the line our established legal rights, as warnings of yet another terror threat keep us psychologically and constitutionally on edge. Are our homeland security policies protecting our democratic freedoms, or giving our government new abilities to alter our civil rights?

In Depth

President John Adams

Delve into the history of the relationship between civil liberties and national security

Meet the experts on our civil liberties roundtable

Political Cartoon from Red Scare Era (1919-20)
The current situation for September 11 detainees

Child in Afghan refugee camp
Updates on many 9/11 stories, including the Afghan aidworker, Amber Amundson and the Mehmood family

Memorial crosses

Talk about how your life has changed since 9/11/01 on the message boards


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Taking Liberties
Producers: William Brangham & Kathleen Hughes
Edited by: Vincent Liota

Rethinking Freedom
Producer/Director: Mark Ganguzza
Edited by: Rob Forlenza

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