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This Week: Citizen Soldiers
This Week
September 17, 2004

This week on NOW:

From cities and towns across America, local National Guard units are being called to duty in extraordinary numbers and sent overseas to fight in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, governors from several states have started to speak out, worried that these citizen-soldiers are shouldering too much of today's military burden at the expense of their families and communities. David Brancaccio travels to Iowa, which in the last two years has experienced the largest National Guard mobilization since World War II, to uncover the impact of war on small-town America, where workers and community leaders are being uprooted, and families are being torn apart for conflicts abroad. The report includes the poignant story of a married couple struggling with leaving their children behind as they prepare to ship out.

The row over the authenticity of documents unearthed by 60 MINUTES' Dan Rather about President Bush's National Guard service continues as CBS blinked this week after squaring off with critics. Is a detrimental mix of media and politics burying the real issues facing America? Bill Moyers gets the perspectives of NOW's regular analysts, media expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson and author Kevin Phillips.

Less than a week after watching the Pentagon burn from his Washington, DC apartment window, Richard Murphy was compelled to serve his country and set out to join the Army Reserves. In February 2003, as an MP, Murphy was on his way to Iraq. His tour saw stints in combat patrols, as a police academy trainer, as a machine gunner, and as a member of a military police brigade assigned to Abu Ghraib prison. What he saw in Iraq changed him. And while Murphy still believes in the mission, David Brancaccio sits down with him to find out if what he saw on the ground has changed his view of the war.

NOW gives viewers an intimate look at how global warming may affect one of the most beautiful areas of America--the high meadows of the Rocky Mountains. Take a step into what may be a frightening future as the earth's temperature continues to rise in this profile of UC Berkeley scientist John Harte, who has been simulating higher temperatures in the Rocky Mountains to gauge what some extraordinary vistas may look like if global warming continues at its predicted pace.

In Depth

National Guardsman

National Guard and Iraq

National Guard Map: Your Local Unit

America's Veterans

Richard Murphy Biography

Employer Guard Support Q and A

The Earth
Debating "Global Warming"

Scientist John Harte on Climate Change

History of Climate Change

White House
Political Analyst Kevin Phillips

Media Analyst Kathleen Hall Jamieson

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The Call to War (17:18)

David Brancaccio talks with National Guardsman Richard Murphy (9:17)

Bill Moyers talks with Kevin Phillips and Kathleen Hall Jamieson (14:24)

Warmer and Warmer (7:06)

Global Warming in Election 2004


The Call to War
Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Alison Amron

Warmer and Warmer
Producer: William Brangham
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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