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This Week: Dauphin Island
This Week
September 23, 2005

This week on NOW:

Part of the billion-dollar reconstruction on the Gulf Coast is intended for rebuilding infrastructure, homes, and businesses on coastlines and barrier islands. But are we making a mistake when government policies encourage rebuilding in areas so vulnerable to natural disasters? NOW travels to Dauphin Island, Alabama, where 60% of homes on the western edge of the island have been destroyed, and examines whether rebuilding areas in harmís way makes sense.

In New Orleans, an estimated 50,000 household animals left behind after the evacuation have become a major health concern as the clean up moves forward. Today, with Rita bearing down on the Gulf, Texas officials are evacuating pets with their owners, because they believe it will save lives. NOW reports on rescue efforts in New Orleans where surviving animals are starving and beset by disease.

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New Orleans and the Disappearing Delta

No Dog

Pets in Crisis Areas

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In Harm's Way
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