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September 27, 2002

This week on NOW:

RISKY BUSINESS. Itís become almost a daily sight: a pack of news cameras surrounding a former business titan, as he is marched around in handcuffs. But whatís happening in corporate America these days goes far beyond a few bad apples - the whole barrel smells a little funny. This isn't the first time a wave of corporate scandals has washed over the country, but this time the undertow has been particularly nasty. More of us than ever before have a stake in the market, either through direct investment or through retirement plans like 401K's or pensions. So when corporate chicanery sends the market into a tailspin, we all feel it.

NOW asked some people who deal with these issues every day to help us figure out just what the health of the corporate body is right now. They come from varying points on the compass, from capitalist cheerleaders to corporate skeptics.

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Richard Moore

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Inside the history of American banking.

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Risky Business
Producer: Mark Ganguzza
Edited by: Rob Forlenza

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