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October 4, 2002

This week on NOW:

SEEDS OF CONFLICT brings us into the brave new world of genetically modified food. What don't we know about what we're eating every day? It's called genetically modified food and it involves manipulating plants in a way nature never intended. When products made from genetically altered corn first hit the shelves of America's supermarkets just six years ago, there wasn't much protest. But elsewhere in the world, critics talk about genetically altered crops as if multinational corporations are making guinea pigs of us.

Meanwhile, supporters say the goal is to improve the food supply and maybe someday make medical breakthroughs. But what are the benefits? What are the risks? To see what the controversy is all about, NOW correspondent and Nation reporter Mark Schapiro and NOW producer Gail Ablow went to America's heartland by way of Mexico.

Bill Moyers interviews U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, a Texas Republican who opposes attacking Iraq.

Where does inspiration come from? Searching for it has writer Sherman Alexie sleepless in Seattle.

Coming up on NOW:

"NOW with Bill Moyers" examines the varying viewpoints on the possible war with Iraq on Friday Oct. 4 and 11 at 9pm ET on PBS (check local listings).

On Friday, October 11, the program will examine public arguments being made against going to war by a number of community-based groups including the National Council of Churches, Veterans for Peace, Voices in the Wilderness, and Black Voices for Peace. In a thoughtful and measured documentary segment, NOW will illuminate the issues on the minds of these groups' leaders: the impact of the war on the black community, the possibility of continuing sanctions, the human tragedy at stake, and the high financial cost of war with so many ongoing domestic problems.

In Depth

GMO protest

Discover what's inside a gene bank

What's behind the great GMO debate?

Who regulates genetically modified organisms?

Sheman Alexie
Sherman Alexie is Up All Night
Bill Moyers Journal — Energy Bill

Congressman Ron Paul Talks about the War on Iraq: A Bill Moyers Interview


The Earth

Debate the pros and cons of genetically modified crops on the message boards


Learning about genetically-modified foods.

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Seeds of Conflict
Producer: Gail Ablow
Correspondent: Mark Schapiro
Editor: Kendrick Simmons

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