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This Week: Soldiers in the trenches
This Week
October 25, 2002

This week on NOW:

As President Bush continues to push for war against his nemesis Saddam Hussein, there are new worries about our oldest Arab ally - Saudi Arabia - and its role in supporting terror. Just this week an influential group of American theologians, philosophers, and political scientists wrote an open letter to Saudi intellectuals asking them to acknowledge and discuss their country's role in creating, protecting, and spreading Islamist terrorism. But the Saudi government refused to allow the letter to be published and censored the one newspaper that tried to print it. In this special co-production with THE NEW YORK TIMES, correspondent Philip Shenon and producers Nelli Kheyfets and Jason Maloney investigate what Saudi Arabia has to hide.

Also this week, Bill Moyers interviews JULIE TAYMOR, director of the new movie FRIDA, the story of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Kahlo, hardly known outside her native country when she died in 1954, has since been the subject of over 100 books in Spanish and English, and the first Latin woman to be honored on a United States postage stamp. Taymor, award-winning director of THE LION KING on Broadway and the film TITUS, talks about how the subject of her latest project has shown us something about the world we had never quite seen before.

All too often, the mass media sees children only as little consumers with big appetites for junk food and video games. Those appetites are resulting in a new generation of couch potatoes with some serious health problems. Type two diabetes and heart disease, once adult disorders, are now being diagnosed in children. NOW producer Kathleen Hughes looks at the government's response: a $190 million media campaign to get kids exercising. But is fighting TV ads with more TV ads really the answer?

American newspapers, TV and radio stations answer to fewer and fewer corporate bosses. And now the last barriers to further consolidation may crumble, because there's a move afoot for a major rewrite of the rules that directly affect what you read, see and hear in the media. It's all taking place at the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, and time is running out for public comments on the proposed changes.

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Blood Money
Producers: Nelli Kheyfets and Jason Maloney
New York Times Reporter: Philip Shenon
Editor: Steve Trevisan

Fit...or Fat?
Producer: Kathleen Hughes
Editor: Alison Amron

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