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This Week: White House and Flag
This Week
October 28, 2005

This week on NOW:

With possible indictments from the special prosecutor in the outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame expected before week's end, NOW goes inside the story of how her name became public. NOW's Maria Hinojosa looks at the White House spin machine, examines the Plame case as part of how the administration marketed and protected its case for war, and questions whether the media was misled or if it dropped the ball.

Senior staffers at the White House are the focus of a special counsel's investigation, and the President's nominee for the Supreme Court was roundly criticized by senior members of the Republican Party before withdrawing. Is there a crisis in the GOP? NOW regular contributor Christine Todd Whitman, who has had some choice words for her own party in the past, speaks out about what's wrong with the Republican Party.

In Depth

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White House Officials Speak about the CIA Leak

Covering the CIA Leak

Media Watch Resources

Top Secret

The Argument for Confidentiality

Christine Todd Whitman

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Spin Cycle
Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa
Producer: Brenda Breslauer
Editor: Judith Wolff

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