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This Week: The End of Polio
This Week
October 31, 2003

This week on NOW:

There's a bitter battle being waged over President Bush's judicial nominee for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Janice Rogers Brown's nomination has been called one of the "most divisive judicial nominees in modern times" by THE NEW YORK TIMES and "an extraordinary nominee with a compelling personal story" by THE LAWYERS WEEKLY. NOW takes viewers inside the chambers of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation to see American democracy at work and allows you to experience for yourself what's at stake with this important and controversial nomination.

Under Bill Emmott's leadership, THE ECONOMIST, the world's leading current affairs weekly, has consistently broken its own circulation records by offering a world view of the events of our time. Known for his unflinching views, Emmott gained international notoriety when the magazine branded Italian prime ministerial candidate Silvio Berlusconi as "unfit to govern." Mr. Berlusconi responded in typical style via his various newspapers and TV stations, in one case comparing Emmott to Lenin. David Brancaccio sits down with Bill Emmott to get an outsider's perspective of how the world views America in light of conflicts abroad.

Wendy Kaminer is a lawyer, author, and social critic. In her book SLEEPING WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS: THE RISE OF IRRATIONALISM AND PERILS OF PIETY, Wendy Kaminer talks about the difference between intense belief and rational thinking. She has tackled the issues of censorship and pornography, feminism, pop psychology, gender roles and identities, crime and the criminal-justice system, and gun control. In a Bill Moyers interview Wendy Kaminer talks about what it's like to be a non-believer when the public discourse is saturated with God-talk, and the political effects of piety in government.

In recent years, the occurrence of polio has been reduced by 99%. Today, the world faces less than 500 new cases down from an estimated 350,000 per year just 15 years ago. In America, every child is administered the vaccine, a commodity not so accessible throughout the rest the world. NOW takes viewers to what may be the final offensive against polio through the lens of critically acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado. From the Democratic Republic of Congo to Somalia to India, Salgado's unflinching eye captures the poignant human story behind the world's conquest of a deadly disease.

In Depth

Supreme Court

You Be the Judge: The Record of Janice Rogers Brown

The Federal Court System

State Attorney General Map

Map of the U.S.

The U.S. in the Eyes of the World

Wendy Kaminer on Faith and the Law

Photo Essay: The End of Polio by Sebastião Salgado


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Producer: Bryan Myers
Correspondent: David Brancaccio
Editor: Alison Amron

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