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This Week: Global Health
This Week
November 4, 2005

This week on NOW:

NOW's David Brancaccio takes on the latest news about global health issues in a long-form interview with former President Jimmy Carter, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of those in the world afflicted with disease--isolated, forgotten, and ignored. Carter just returned from Ethiopia in his fight against trachoma, a painful and debilitating disease that causes blindness. "It's very difficult for the American people to believe that our government, one of the richest on earth, is also one of the stingiest on earth," he says

In "Global Health: America's Response," NOW examines the U.S.'s HIV/AIDS policy from its beginning in the early 1980s through President Bush's historic plan, announced in 2003, to spend $15 billion to treat people with HIV/AIDS around the world. The one-hour documentary takes viewers on the ground in Uganda to examine how that country's successful three pronged approach, which has become known as ABC: "Abstinence," "Be faithful," and "Condom use," has sparked controversy among both American and Ugandan groups which don't believe condoms are effective in reducing HIV prevalence and that they contribute to promiscuity. Buoyed by the fact that a large portion of U.S. money in President Bush's plan is set aside for teaching abstinence, these groups promote so-called "abstinence-only" programs, which downplay or ignore the importance of condoms in HIV prevention. NOW assesses Uganda's success and looks at the credibility of arguments for and against teaching "abstinence-only."

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Global Health: America's Response

AIDS Policy Debate

AIDS Policy Timeline

Jimmy Carter

HIV/AIDS Statistics

Former President Jimmy Carter

Photo Essay: NOW in Uganda


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Former President Carter on Global Health (22:45)

Global Health: America's Response (52:26)


Global Health: America Responds
Producer: Tom Casciato
Editor: Andrew Fredericks

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