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This Week: Election Reaction
This Week
November 5, 2004

This week on NOW:

As the Republican Party increases its hold over Congress, what can the American people expect during the next four years? Bill Moyers interviews Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and architect of the Conservative revolution. His weekly meeting of activists has become the Politburo of strategy where Conservatives of all stripes bury their differences in order to defeat Democrats. From the Christian coalition to Log Cabin Republicans to the NRA, Norquist keeps the conservative troops on mission and on message. In fact, his success prompted Senator Hillary Clinton to muse aloud "If only Democrats had a Grover Norquist."

With the loss of Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry and dwindled representation in Congress, will there be a movement for change in the Democratic Party? David Brancaccio sits down with public policy and national politics expert Christopher Edley to discuss the future of the Democratic Party, the role that moral values played in this election, and what Edley says is at stake with the President’s judicial appointments. Edley is dean of the Boalt School of Law at UC Berkeley, and he served in the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights under President Clinton and on the Carter-Ford National Commission on Federal Election Reform during the Carter Administration.

Bill Moyers gets the perspectives of NOW’s regular analysts, media expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson and author Kevin Phillips on the Presidential election.

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Grover Norquist

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Campaign Analyst Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Christopher Edley, Jr., Dean of Boalt Hall School of Law at UC, Berkeley

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Bill Moyers talks with Grover Norquist (15:09)

David Brancaccio talks with Christopher Edley (17:31)

Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Kevin Phillips (17:54)

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