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This Week: Coming Home
This Week
November 7, 2003

This week on NOW:

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have generated banner headlines and outpourings of grief about the dead, but the wounded have gone largely unnoticed. Today as hundreds who have been maimed and disabled in service to their country are coming home to rebuild their lives, many are engaged in a new battle-the battle for benefits. NOW's David Brancaccio examines gaps between the Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs-the federal government's first and second largest bureaucracies-which can allow America's war wounded to fall between the cracks after sacrificing so much for their country and talks to injured and disabled soldiers who have been left behind by the military they served.

In an unprecedented move, this week CBS pulled the plug on its sweeps miniseries THE REAGANS amid allegations that the movie was biased. Tonight, Bill Moyers sits down with senior staff writer Eric Boehlert, who reports extensively on politics and media, covering everything from media consolidation to the declining music industry's fight against file sharing. Boehlert talks to Moyers about the relationship between the Big Media conglomerates and government, and the role it may have played in CBS's decision. Boehlert, who has won several journalism awards, discusses what the blurred lines between politics, entertainment and journalism could mean for today's viewers.

David Brancaccio talks to journalist Doug Henwood about the American workforce and dispels some myths about productivity, professional mobility and the middle class. He also talks to Brancaccio about his latest book, AFTER THE ECONOMY, a dissection of the new economy written with his customary irreverence and acuity. Henwood is the editor and publisher of LEFT BUSINESS OBSERVER, the monthly newsletter on economics and politics in the US and abroad, and contributing editor of THE NATION.

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Coming Home
Producer: Dan Klein
Correspondent: David Brancaccio
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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