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November 8, 2002

This week on NOW:

In a special co-production with THE NEW YORK TIMES, NOW with Bill Moyers reports on accusations that managers at some Wal-Mart stores often pressured employees to work overtime without pay, saving the company millions in wages. NEW YORK TIMES reporter Steven Greenhouse looks at class-action lawsuits filed in Florida, Texas, and four other states, charging that Wal-Mart, the nation's largest company, regularly cheated employees out of wages. The segment also examines allegations that company managers used threats and dismissals to unlawfully prevent employees from engaging in union activities.

Also, in the wake of Election 2002, Bill Moyers talks with some unexpected voices. What does it mean for America to have a president with the freedom to do what he wants in the world and the power with which to do it? NOW looks at this question with guests Samantha Power and Simon Schama.

NOW also takes a look at the homefront with guest Lewis Lapham. The latest unemployment figures show that the benefits for 370 thousand out-of-work people expired in September alone. It's actually worse than the unemployment situation during the recession 10 years ago. What's in store for working Americans in the new political climate?

And, a Bill Moyers Commentary on the results of Election 2002.

In Depth

Wal-Mart sign

Work and Wages at Wal-Mart

Interactive Map! Local Employment Resources

Samantha Power
The Imperial Presidency: Simon Schama and Samantha Power Discuss

Lewis Lapham
Lewis Lapham: A Bill Moyers Interview

Bill Moyers Comments on Election 2002

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Off the Clock
Producer: Andrea Fleischer
NEW YORK TIMES Reporter: Steven Greenhouse
Editor: Judith Starr Wolff

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