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This Week: Social Security
This Week
November 12, 2004

This week on NOW:

A leading spiritual voice, Sister Joan Chittister is calling on the media to responsibly and accurately report on the social, economic and political injustices plaguing our society. Bill Moyers talks with Sister Joan about how religion has been so strong a dividing line in American politics. Sister Joan is a best-selling author of more than 30 books, an international peace activist, founder of BENETVISION.ORG, a Web site which focuses on contemporary spirituality, and a regular columnist for the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER.

Just back from Afghanistan, war journalist Christian Parenti provides a close up view of the realities on the ground and the disturbing balance between powerful warlords and the US-backed Karzai government and an economy dependent on the poppy trade. David Brancaccio sits down with Parenti, a regular columnist of THE NATION and author most recently of THE FREEDOM: SHADOWS AND HALLUCINATIONS IN OCCUPIED IRAQ.

In the wake of a hard-fought election with a divided nation looking toward the next four years, campaign proposals about deficits, taxes, and Social Security are on the table. But what do the President’s economic plans really outline for Americans? David Brancaccio talks to Larry Kotlikoff, an economist who’s developed a highly-regarded method of calculating the fiscal burden we’re leaving our children. Kotlikoff chairs the economics department at Boston University and is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is the co-author of THE COMING GENERATIONAL STORM: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AMERICA’S ECONOMIC FUTURE.

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Social Security

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Economist Laurence Kotlikoff

Conservatives Debate the Deficit

Journalist Christian Parenti on Afghanistan and Iraq

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Sister Joan Chittister

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Bill Moyers talks with Sister Joan Chittister (20:41)

Journalist Christian Parenti on the situation in Afghanistan (15:54)

David Brancaccio talks with economist Laurence Kotlikoff about THE COMING GENERATIONAL STORM (12:27)

The Face of War: A Bill Moyers Essay (1:28)


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